The Glory of Colour

As you may have noticed I've got a slight colour addiction!. 

I'm going to tell you why colour is so important in the world we live in, and why you're missing out if you're not welcoming at least a bit of it into your home. 

Why colour is so significant

This morning I brushed my teeth with my toothbrush. I know it's mine because it's green. Selected my shampoo in the shower. It's the beige one with a purple kangaroo on the side. Got some cereal out of the cupboard for my 5 year old, poured it into her pink bowl and got her her favourite colour changing spoon. We searched for a lost exercise book. The only description- it's a black one. We found it- thank goodness..

On the way out of the door I spent a few minutes umming and ahhing over whether to wear my green or yellow coat,  grabbed my phone - the one with the pink and blue cover and off we trundled. Stopping at a few red lights on the way and then joining the mass of green school uniforms heading up the hill for a day of learning. 

That's only a fraction of course of all the colour significant moments encountered in the few hours before school but can you see just how vital colour is in our lives. It's such a powerful form of communication. 

Even EBay are doing it 

I don't know if any of you have seen the new EBay advert?. Their UK branding campaign #Fillyourcartwithcolour is all about celebrating the vibrancy and individuality of their marketplace. The starting quote- 'When did life get so beige'?. 

Watch it. It's brilliant. It's fun, funky and so appealing. The message is to break away from the norm and be brave and unique. It's all colour, colour, colour and you can't deny watching it makes you feel happy?!. 

 Have a watch-

Of course the ultimate goal for eBay is to create more sales. That's what advertising is about after all. But to capture the attention of the masses their weapon is colour. The perfect tool. 

Why you need colour in your home

So if you walk into a house decorated in muted colours such as creams, greys and whites how do you feel?. I think the aim of home owners with a neutral palette is to create a calm relaxed atmosphere. Clean and classic perhaps with an air of sophistication?. As much as I occasionally hanker after a big white space ( mainly because it seems to be associated with tidiness and I'd like to have more of that!) I think people that don't allow colour into their lives, even if it's just a splash, are missing out. 
To me interiors should be fun. There should be elements of a home that stimulate you and bring you pure joy!. This doesn't mean that every room needs to be bedecked in bright cushions and rugs. All you need is a few key pieces that incorporate design, texture, colour and depth. Small pops of colour can be just as effective.

I'm going to show you how colour can transform a space.  

So there's no denying that this is a lovely shaped grey sofa. Great design, looks comfortable, fits into any room. Ok but does anything excite you about it?. Does it make you explode with joy or get your pulse racing?. Probably not because it's just a  ' nice ' sofa.

Now what's your reaction to the next photo?. 

My guess is that you immediately feel that it looks fun?. Bright, cheery, happy, cosy... All of these feelings are associated with colour bursts. Colour can totally transform a space, AND more importantly your mood. Colour, and pattern and textures can be just so delicious!. It's a feeling of elevation that gets the adrenaline pumping. An instant mood lifter without a glass of wine in sight!. Vibrant by day and cosy by night. What could be better than that?. 

And don't forget that the colours that you use in your house are a direct reflection of you and your personality. Open your mind to all things resplendent. Be fearless, be bold and create just a little bit of magic. 

Why play it safe when you can have so much fun experimenting with colours and textures?. 

Step away from the beige. Go on I dare you!.

With thanks to Nix,Jo and Paul.

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