My journey in the past 6 months

It's been a busy time here since Christmas. It's funny how your path naturally re-routes you to a place that works for you. I've always lovely old things. Furniture, houses, quirky objects. It's what I've been bought up with and it's definitely in my blood. I think I might be trying to recreate my own little corner of Shropshire here in Northern Ireland!. My business began with old chairs that needed some new life breathed back into them. I sourced the pieces of furniture, found some lovely bits of fabric to recover them in and then took them off to the upholsterer to work his magic. Some beautiful pieces were created and sold but not without logistical problems. Trying to store them in my house which is full of children and animals and no spare rooms was highly stressful.

The next step of the journey was a move to 'Boom Studios' in Bangor, the little Marina town in Northern Ireland where I live. It's a great hub of artists and makers in a shared space in the centre of the town. Such a great concept and brilliant to be part of a group of like-minded people within my home town. However within a short space of time it became apparent that cushions and throws and little postable pieces were far more accessible to the masses and were a better solution for me.

So my next part of the journey is saying goodbye to Boom and moving home. Yes I've kicked my twins' out of their attic room with the promise of a wall mounted TV in their 'smaller but way cooler room' and my new office ( let's try and ignore the bed in the corner) has been born!. Once I've painted the walls and found a nice old desk it'll be just perfect.

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